Welcome to the Hutchinson Clinic Healthy Connection wellness program!


Healthy Connection is a worksite wellness program designed to help companies promote healthy living practices.  The medical professionals at the Hutchinson Clinic are committed to partnering with businesses in Hutchinson and surrounding communities to help identify health risks and improve the overall wellness of the local work force.
Healthy employees are happier, more productive, and help create an energetic, successful work environment.  Studies have consistently confirmed that businesses who invest in the health and wellness of their employees will have a positive return on their investment.
Our wellness program will provide employees with the knowledge, motivation and ongoing support they need to take an active role in managing and improving their personal health issues.  The Healthy Connection web portal will provide wellness challenges, activities and a secure health risk appraisal.  The portal will track participation of activities and achievement of gold standards for each participant.  Employers will receive aggregate data and reports that will summarize the health status of their company and achievement of wellness goals.
If your business is ready to explore a new wellness program, or if you want to enhance your current program please contact us today for a demonstration and discussion of how we can help. 

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